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About The Organization

The Prospect Hill Community Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides free academic enrichment and professional development programs to the residents of Prospect Hill Terrace. Programming is largely operated inside and around the Community Center, a renovated apartment building located centrally in the community. The Prospect Hill Terrace is home to more than 140 families that have free access to our unique programming, created to directly serve the needs of community members. The Community Center is supported by an innovative private-public partnership, including organizations such as Bentley University, Brandeis University, the Waltham Housing Authority, and the Waltham Police Department.


Since opening the Center in 2014, we have provided free academic and professional development services to many of the children and adults in the Waltham community. Our flagship program, the after-school program serving more than 30 kids Monday-Friday 3:30-5:00 during the fall and spring, offers one-on-one tutoring by university students under the direction of our Program Director. Our programs range from elementary, middle, and high-school tailored tutoring sessions, to special events and programs throughout the year that cater to children and adults alike, such as the Fall Feast and Spring Community Day.


Our ability to offer free programs to our participants that would otherwise not have access to essential education-based resources is dependent on our donors and volunteers like you. We encourage you to learn more about our services and get involved as a donor or volunteer.

About the Community


The Prospect Hill Terrace housing development is home to +140 families who represent a wide array of countries, cultures, and aspirations. More than 175 children live in Prospect Hill and over 80% of their families are led by single mothers. The Community Center is a vibrant, educational, enjoyed resource to residents of the Prospect Hill Terrace community.

Our Volunteers

Bentley University and Brandeis University students provide one-on-one tutoring and mentoring for our participants. Students change each semester based on classes and service placements, though many stay in touch for the duration of their undergrad time and beyond. In fact, several former college volunteers now serve on our board of directors!

Our Staff

The success of our programs relies on our dedicated Directors, Board of Directors, and volunteers.

Emma Brazo, After School Youth and Teen Program Director

Megan Moslander, Development Director

Board of Directors

Rachel Palumbo, President
Providence Promise


Alli Criscenzo, Vice President
Student at Simmons University School of Social Work


Tony Thein, Treasurer

Bentley Class of 2022

Lee Wilson, Clerk

Brandeis Class of 2018

Matthew Bernstein, Board Member
Brandeis Class of 2022


Herlyne Das, Board Member

Student at St. George's University School of Medicine

Sarah Johnson, Board Member

Dominican University

Maya London, Board Member

Center for a Diverse Healthcare Workforce, Student at University of California Davis School of Medicine

Emmy Mathis, Board Member

Community Advocate

Dawn Pawlowski, Board Member

Deloitte Consulting

Tina Touri, Board Member


Advisory Council

Samantha De Melim

Brandeis University

Lucas Malo

Life is Good

Denise Newton

Waltham Housing Authority

Brian Shea

Bentley University

We Need Your Support Today!

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