Our Covid-19 Response

Steps We Took For Safety

The Prospect Hill Community Foundation cancelled the annual fundraising event set to take place in May 2020 due to Covid-19. Without this annual event, it will be a challenge to secure the necessary funding to open our doors when advisable. Please consider making a contribution so we may support the children and families of Prospect Hill Terrace get back on track with educational gaps while providing a safe space for friends and peers to gather. We are thinking creatively about how to support the community during this difficult time. In April 2020 as a part of an effort to continue to provide mentorship and academic support, our students received brand-new craft kits and personalized letters from college buddies. This was thanks to the leadership and time of some outstanding local college students we are lucky to call volunteers of our center, partnered with our dedicated after-school director. Check out more about each effort below. Our college volunteer leaders from Bentley and Brandeis Universities were able to send each of our students a craft kit with basic materials like pencils and paper, as well as crayons and markers for more creative activities. We included a letter to students and families with activity ideas and suggestions, and encouragement to stay happy and healthy in these difficult times. All of our students were able to receive a package in the mail, addressed to them, letting them know their college buddies are still thinking of them even if we can’t be together. Our college volunteer leaders spearheaded a pen-pal program between college buddies and students, sending letters to keep in touch while we couldn't be at the center. Students each receive a personally addressed letter that also contains pre-addresses and stamped envelopes to reply to their buddy. It allows us to continue engagement in reading and writing skills while also providing the emotional support of mentorship from afar.

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